Tuesday 27 August 2013

Free Comics Workshop at Grand Opera House

The creatives behind Northern Ireland’s largest published comicbook are to reunite for their popular comics workshop.
‘Absence’ creators Andy Luke and Stephen Downey have been invited to host a workshop at the ADF’s Bounce! festival when it returns to Belfast this weekend and Andy and Stephen .Bounce! offers a selection of punk folk, rock, theatre and cabaret but also workshops on filmmaking and creative writing. The Absence comixers will be presenting from the Shakespeare Room in the sumptuous Grand Opera House.  All levels of ability are welcome to attend and make a mini-comic, which the ADF are keen to publish after the event.
Previous events have saw participants work on the quirky Beneath The Tide’, and ‘Bacon Sammich of Doom, both available at Andy’s website, andy-luke.com.

Stephen Downey is best known for the cult series Jennifer Wilde and Noe The Savage Boy with Atomic Diner. His other comics workshop with Cinemagic should be released online next year. For the past few months Andy Luke has been updating his website daily with comics, doodles, photos and short stories to both stave off depression, and celebrate his 40th birthday. His next planned comics project will be a workshop at TitanCon and for Christmas, a Belfast zombie tale, published by Phil Hall, editor of Borderline Press and the late Comics International.

The Comix Workshop runs Saturday 31st August at the Grand Opera House, Belfast. The event is free, but booking is required. To book contact the ADF at info@adf.ie or call (028) 9023 9450.

Access all areas festival tickets cost £20

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