Tuesday 28 January 2014

No Diamond description, Just Belfast Comics

The Black Panel reaches it's half year anniversary in offering Irish comics through mail order. There are nearly sixty titles available in print and digital. The service is offered to the UK and contains links for European shoppers.  There are whispers it might not make this time next year, so do support the artists. http://theblackpanel.blogspot.co.uk/

Last week when the DUP forbid the Condensed Shakespeare company from presenting "The Bible" to Carnmoney, Twitter responded by trending #ThouShaltNotLaugh. The play is back now. Amid the hilarity, academic illustrator Patrick Sanders produced some clever pieces.

Portrait artist and Comixer Daryl Shaw's upbeat page has been published by Love Belfast.

Belfast: It's Your Choice

The work was produced under the tutelage of Stephen Downey & Malachy Coney.

The Belfast Telegraph carries a video report about the goings-on of animators in the city circa 1901. Compelling viewing.


New management at Derry's Verbal Arts Centre have cancelled the 2d Comics Festival. Sometime shortly after, popular chairperson Dave Campbell resigned from the post he'd held there for several years.

"The creative team of the 2D Northern Ireland Comics Festival are no longer associated with the Verbal Arts Centre. This year’s festival will not proceed under the originally planned format. Please stay tuned for further news and developments from the team. Please contact us on 2dcomicsfest@gmail.com with any queries or questions. Thank you for your continued support."

The Verbal Arts center called this incorrect, a claim the 2d creatives refute. I would speculate that it's very likely 2d will continue without Verbal Arts Derry. A new name, and hundreds of happy families: there's too much goodwill that new management can't take down.

The Belfast Comic Con has confirmed it's new dates of 7-8 June at the Kings Hall. Priority tickets are now available online at £12 a day or £20 for the weekend.

Whisperings are about of a week-long exhibition at the Belfast Barge, the week before or after the event.

Other whisperings about TitanCon returning the second weekend of September have come my way. I'm also hearing tales of an increased comics presence at that.

This post brought to you by Andy Luke, though sure to be ripped off by ICN (Cyanogen iodide)

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