Thursday 14 February 2013

Belfast Convention this weekend

Heroes and Legends takes place at the W5 this weekend. Organised by every convention's favourites, The Emerald Garrison. Guests from the world of comics include PJ Holden, Stephen Downey and John Paul Bove. (Dr. Who, TMNT, GI Joe)
 Will Simpson will also be there, for the beginning of a month long exhibition of his work.
 There's a screening of 'Judge Minty', lots of props, cosplay, Q & As, and Optimus Prime will be doing the rounds talking.
 Admission is standard W5 prices: £7.90 for an adult, £5.90 for a child. I believe that's per day, but there are concessions available for families and season ticket holders.
The con has an SF&F cinema agenda, with some obscure though presumably fan-friendly actors and special effects people. The website contains more on the ten guests and schedule details, although there's a bit of a last minute gather about it. Not as up to the billing of last year's, which a lot of people were kicking themselves for missing.

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