Wednesday 7 May 2014

Comic Con Season is On

Northern Ireland Creative Hitech Expo features many guest speakers: animators, games developers, musicians and digital storytellers. From the world of comics there are Will Simpson, Mike Collins, Phil Winslade, Stephen Downey and Paul Trimble. It's happening in Enniskillen this weekend, it's free and you will need to register a place as soon as possible. [Linked]

The first Belfast Comic Con comics guests have been announced and they're British trad heavy-weights. Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry and John McCrea weigh into the Kings Hall on 7-8 June along with probably a fist load of indie comics artists and three stars of Red Dwarf. Tickets start from £6 a day for a child and £8 for an adult, with discounts. 

14-15 June sees a smaller and free family fun day Comics event set upon the River Lagan. Guests include Davy Francis, Andy Luke, Paddy Brown and Kevin Logue, with more to be confirmed. The Belfast Barge is to be converted to house a historical timeline of Belfast Comics ahd host DIY workshops and panel events. It's looking like a good day out. Watch this space for more details.

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