Monday 27 February 2012

Pub meet, and Sketchjam

This Thursday is the first of March, and that means it's pub meet time. So if you make comics, or you're interested in making comics, join us at the Cloth Ear on Waring Street from about 9pm.

(There'll be no Facebook invites this time, because Facebook have "upgraded" the Belfast Comics Creators group to the new format, thrown out all the members except me and Stephen Downey, and won't let me create an event for any day but today. So sod Facebook, I'll just do it by blog and email.)

On a similar note, there's a new event on Sunday 4 March: Sketchjam! A freeform drink-and-draw in the back bar of the Garrick on Chichester Street. Starts at 6pm, goes on til 9, and it's not just for comics people - whatever you like to draw, in whatever style, at whatever level of skill. 18 and over, as it's in a bar, obviously, but no other restrictions. This one does have a Facebook event page, so if you wanna sign up there, go right ahead.

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