Thursday 8 September 2011

TitanCon is coming!

I've been a bit slack blogging here of late - even forgot to plug the last pub meet at the Cloth Ear on Thursday 1 September, and have yet to write up last weekend's Barcamp. A lot of my blogging efforts have been redirected to Irish Comic News, which you should all be following, but I have also just been a bit inactive online due to meatspace factors. Couldn't be helped - sorry.

But anyway. There's a new science fiction and fantasy convention coming up in a few weeks: TitanCon. The main event is on Saturday 24 September at the Europa, and features guests including sf author Ian McDonald and various people involved in making the Game of Thrones TV series - not to mention myself and the estimable Andy Luke, representing comics. There's also a preview night at McHughs on the Friday, and a Game of Thrones bus tour on the Sunday, but I believe that's sold out.

It's a tenner in, and it looks excellent (and I'd say that even if I wasn't a guest). For more, see Andy's write-up at Irish Comic News.

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