Thursday 21 July 2011

Comics Barcamp 2011

There's a new kind of comics event coming up in September - Comics Barcamp Belfast 2011. A barcamp is a kind of communally organised conference where people gather to learn and share their knowledge, that started in the IT industry and has spread to other fields.

Comics Barcamp Belfast is the brainchild of Andy Luke, who has secured a venue, Blick Studios on the Malone Road, on 3 September 2011. He's set up a wiki for planning the event, and a Google discussion group as well. What he needs is more participation. We have two proposed sessions, writer pitching with Andy and outlets and distribution with me. Barcamp is participation only. If you want to give a presentation or lead a discussion on any subject regarding creating, publishing, selling or promoting comics, anything you can contribute from your own experience and thoughts, we'd be delighted to have you.

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  1. Thanks Paddy. There's also plenty other forms of participation. Offering crash space, helping in administration leading up to the event, rustling up sponsorship, making sandwiches...right down to just offering an opinion in the discussion. The small things won't happen unless the big things happen first.