Tuesday 14 June 2011

Attention self-publishers

You might be aware that the Belfast Book Festival, run by the Crescent Arts Centre, is about to start. One event that might be of interest to those of us who publish our own comics locally is the Northern Ireland Publications Resource event, held at the Crescent Arts Centre on Saturday 18 June at 1pm. The blurb goes:

Ever wondered how to find out about books published in Northern Ireland or how to get your own book published?

Visit the Northern Ireland Publications Resource in the Helen Lewis Dance Studio to see a selection of the hundreds of books published here in the last ten years and to get advice on how to find a publisher or how to become your own publisher.

Members of the NIPR team will be on hand to offer advice and to show the range of services offered, which include editorial services, guidance on legal issues like copyright and deposit, and suggestions on how to bring your publication to the notice of readers.
It's free, but you have to book a ticket, so follow the link.

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