Friday 29 October 2010

The Unkindest Cut: Ulster Cartoonists Retrospective at Linenhall Library

A cartoon history of 20th century Ulster as chosen by Historian and Librarian John Killen (author of the book by the same name) It's a return of a popular exhibition from May 2005 with bits by big spoke inkers like Cormac, Ian Knox and others. Website says,

"Ulster 's twentieth century was, to say the least, eventful. The home rule crisis, partition from the south of Ireland, two world wars, depressions, recessions and recurring outbreaks of civil conflict culminating in the Troubles which dominated the last three decades of the century. Through it all, the political cartoonists kept up a running commentary on events and personalities ? Carson, Devlin, O'Neill, Hume, Adams and Trimble. Their cartoons reveal, as words alone never can, the prejudices, suspicions and sheer absurdities that the situation has engendered over the years.

This lively exhibition presents historian and librarian John Killen's selection of 170 of the best of these cartoons, together with his pithy captions and text. Demonstrating the characteristic dark humour common to all sides in the north, the selection also suggests some interesting, if quirky, scenarios for a better future."

The Linenhall Library entrance is off Fountain Street. The exhibition is on the 3rd floor, in the Political Collection Room. Staff told me it remains there until year end.

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