Tuesday 3 August 2010

Belfast Comics in ImagineFX Mag

ImagineFX article
The Belfast comic creators made an appearance in last month's ImagineFX magazine with a few sketches and photo's from one of the Garrick meetups making the 'Sketch Jam' sidebar. 

There were plenty of photo's and doodles from that night, and here are a few that of the extras that weren't in the magazine:

Electro by Mal Coney
Frog Thor by Andrew Croskery
Paddy Brown, PJ Holden. Mal Coney
Daredevil by Stephen Downey
Clockwise from 12. Ann Harrison, Stephen Downey, Andrew Croskery, Paddy Brown, PJ Holden, Mal Coney
Andrew Croskery, Sean Boyle, Paddy Brown

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